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Auto Tech On Wheel LLC

Services Customer service is important to us so we do not sleep until you do.

We provide Diagnostic and Reprogramming services for Repair Shops, Body Shops and Transmission shop in Northern New Jersey since 1991. Diagnostics are by appointment only and are guaranteed to 100% customer satisfaction. We professionally test and pinpoint your problems without guessing what your problem could be. If there is any post problems related to the Diagnostic service we will return same or next day to resolve any related issues at no additional costs. We also return all calls within 1 hour from the time you place them. Customer service is important to us so we do not sleep until you do.

Reprograming is all done onsite with a Same Day / Next Day guaranteed service with no appointment needed. There is no need to tow vehicles out of the shop to a dealer because we provide Dealer Level programming in your shop. All our software installations are kept current on a weekly basis through yearly subscriptions. There is no need for a shop to pay for their own manufacture specific subscriptions that can get costly if there is not enough workload coming through the shop for that product to justify the cost.

Our Services


By appointment only

We will come to your shop and diagnose ANY Year Make Model Vehicle using 20+ Factory Level scan tools that can interrogate more information from onboard controllers than many aftermarket scanners are able to do. All of our equipment has been recently retooled for 2015 and we now carry the latest technology in Scan Tool interfaces to get the job done. With as many as 60+ controllers on today's vehicles there is a strong need to make sure there is full access to all the features these controllers have to offer. We also specialize in Engine Driveability and with our onboard 8-Trace Escope there are no limitations to what we can find.

Remote Diagnostics

Coming Soon!

Let us log into your PC-Based scan tool to help you diagnose your vehicle directly from our office here in northern New Jersey if you are out of our service area. This service would be by appointment only. Keep checking back with us.


We provide Same Day / Next Day service for reprogramming New or Used controllers that have been replaced on a vehicle. This would also include Configuring a module with VIN specific information as well as realigning the module with the onboard security system. We are a registered Security Professional business so getting Security information directly from the Manufacture is part of our service to you.

Programming a module is only part of the procedure when installing a used or new control module onboard. We will take care of some Post procedures that will include Control Module calibrations, adaptations and relearn procedures. We will also perform some system checks to make sure the module is completely adapted to the vehicle and validate whether the module you replaced has corrected issues that led you to change it.

Advance Driver Assist Systems. Providing Onsite Camera & Radar Calibrations…

Auto Tech On Wheel LLC

We provide Advance Driver Assist System service in your shop. There is no need to transport your vehicle to a Dealer to have Calibrations performed after a Camera or Radar unit replacement or when repairs are completed after a vehicle collision. We have the necessary Targets needed and the use of Dual 4-Line Lasers to set up vehicles in your shop to guarantee that your Radar & Camera devices are aligned back to factory specifications. We Service the following systems:

  1. 360 All Around View Camera
  2. LKAS Windshield Camera 
  3. Blind Spot Side View Camera
  4. Long Range Front Radar
  5. Short Range Side Radar
  6. Advanced Parking Sensors

These services also include Calibrating the ABS & Electronic Steering Systems that work directly with the ADAS System and Reprogramming and Initializing ADAS devices so they are properly adapted into the vehicle they will be installed in.

Auto Tech On Wheel LLC

360 Camera Calibration

Auto Tech On Wheel LLC

Short Range Blind Spot Radar Calibration

Auto Tech On Wheel LLC

Long Range Front Radar Calibration

Auto Tech On Wheel LLC

LKAS Windshield Camera Calibration

On-Board Control Systems

We specialize in the following on-board control systems

  • Engine Management
  • Transmission Management
  • Antilock Brakes
  • Air Bag Restraint
  • All Wheel Drive
  • Electronic Steering
  • Hybrid Electric
  • Electrical Failures
  • Radar & Camera Management
  • Tire Pressure Monitor
  • Body Control