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Over the past 24 years that I have been in business I have diagnosed close to 70,000 vehicles covering many Year Make Models as well as many different onboard operating systems. This has allowed me to build a very large database of isolated or common failure patterns in automotive vehicles. I have also gained a lot of knowledge in the use of many types of diagnostic equipment used in the field. I have been there from the beginning of time when controllers were introduced back in the late 70's allowing me to work on these cars during the transition and introduction of many vehicle operating systems. I have also owned and operated many types of diagnostic equipment that came and went just to keep up with these constantly changing vehicles.

I bring the "Real World" of training to my classes and present many digital images and video clips I have collected in the field. This helps students in a class to really grasp what I am teaching about and at the same time keeps them glued to their seat. My deliverance of information is provided in a high energy state to keep the room charged with interest and its my passion for cars that makes me who I am. These seminars I provide will help to enhance what students already know or don't know and I can cater to many different levels where students are at this stage of the game. My goal is not only to educate a student but to inspire a student to be the best at their game.

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