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My passion for automotive vehicles has driven me to work on cars for close to 40 years
My passion for automotive vehicles has driven me to work on cars for close to 40 years. I started out as a mechanic and later as an engine rebuilder for my first 6 years in the automotive industry. I later moved onto a GM dealership for 5 years where I climbed the technician corporate ladder to become an "A" Technician and when I decided to move on in 1991 I started my own business "Auto Tech On Wheels".

My business provides repair garages with on-site diagnostic support for problem vehicles in their shop without having to tow the vehicle to a dealership. In the last 24 years my business has grown to support 1200 repair shops, 400 body shops and 50 transmission shops. Currently I provide factory level diagnostics with 20+ OEM PC based scan tools supporting vehicles up to 2015. These services cover the diagnostics of many operating systems and as well as providing remote programming of on-board controllers through the use of factory subscriptions. To this present day I have personally diagnosed well over 70,000 vehicles. I have also authored a book "Automotive Computer Diagnostics" and written numerous articles for Motorage, Motor, and Mastertech Mag automotive magazines . I have done numerous training seminars all over the USA and have become nationally recognized in the automotive industry

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